The Balancing Act

  • Technology, Mindfulness & The Generation Gap

    The generation gap (as referred to when we find some level of misunderstanding when talking with someone outside of our own) in our world today has become not only a misunderstanding but a huge detriment to our GenY’rs (millennials) and possibly to all generations that follow!
  • 10 Strategies for Starting a Business from Home

    A home based business can absolutely offer you the freedom and flexibility you are looking for but only if you are mindful of the Why, What, Where, When and How of starting and operating a business.
  • Changing the way you think about Sugar!

    Managing Sugar Cravings - Anything worth having or that is healthy for us takes time and practice. You Got This!
  • Stir The Soup!

    Stepping outside of your comfort zone!
  • 5 Ways to practice Mindfulness... Right NOW!

    Mind Full or Mindful? It's a choice!
  • James buys a Harley

    If you want different results.... You need to do something different!
  • Angel Numbers

    Angel Numbers... What's the deal?