James buys a Harley

I had some time today so as promised, I thought I would tell the story of my mother, my husband, and his 78 Harley Davidson.  

So, a little back story.  James and I met and went on our first date September 19th, 1978.  One day before my 18th birthday.  Oops!  I guess I just gave away my age!  It's fine.  It's just a number. Or at least that's how I see it.  Anyway..... back to my story.  We met, we dated, he bought a Harley.  Bright fire engine red! 1200 shovelhead for those who know Harley's. Beautiful bike!  Now back in the day, if we had a $10 bill we were good!  A little gas in the tank, and some lunch during the day at some point.  We were all set!  We had our favorites. Tommy's burger in North Hollywood because we enjoyed riding through Laurel canyon.  Giulianos in Torrance which was our stomping ground.  Sometimes we went to Eat at Joe's in Redondo Beach.  Didn't matter.  A ride down Pacific Coast Highway in the sunshine with the ocean as our view! It was fabulous!  

So back to the day he bought the Harley.  I didn't even know he was going to buy it!  But then again, we had only been dating a short time. So there's that... I was at home with my mom on this particular day when we both heard this loud rumble coming from the front of the house?  We went to the front door, and just outside, there he was.  Sitting on this beautiful gleaming machine.  I guess it didn't help that he had decided to park on the front lawn.  Now keep in mind that for whatever reason?  My mom disliked James.  In fact?  She probably hated most things about him!  He was a bit of a bad boy. He'd been honorably discharged from the army. And now, here he was on a bright red Harley sitting on my mothers front lawn.  Honestly?  Looking back he probably chose to park it there on purpose because he knew it would set her off.  So here we all are. Me, my mother, James, and a brand new Harley.  James just sat there with this shit eating grin on his face. I was so surprised and really just trying not to laugh out loud!  My mother, however, was not amused.  I could see her standing there sizing up the situation.  Arms crossed and tapping her foot.  If she had had the ability, she probably would have shot flames from her eyeballs straight at him!  But before she could even say a word, he popped up and said "wanna go for a ride"?  Are you kidding me???  At this point my mother turned to me and in a very low but stern voice said " don't you dare get on that bike!  I mean it!  Don't even think about it!!  Oh! I'm thinking about it! I remember smiling at my dear old mother as I slid past her, jumped down off the porch and hopped on the back of his bike. James, as he backed the bike down off the lawn, gave my mother a sarcastic salute and we were off!  We rode the bike all day.  Partly because we had a blast and partly because I didn't want to go home and face the wrath of my mom.  But I did eventually go home.  And I did face my mother and it wasn't pretty for sure.  

Eventually through the years, my mom did learn to see and accept James for who he was.  And who he is, is a wonderful husband and pretty great dad.  My mom has long since passed away, and the Harley still sits in our garage.  A little less shiny and a bit more dusty.  But, it still fills my heart with joyful memories of riding on the back, arms around James, and the smell of the ocean in the air.  

And there you have it!  I'll tell you that it has been a wonderful journey so far.  James and I were married after 10 years of dating but that again is another story.  We've been married now for 32 years. At our wedding, James took my mom's hand and asked her to dance.  I remember looking in their direction and wondering what they were talking about?  He later told me that she told him that he had won.  He never faltered.  He was always as steady as a rock.  Even though she put him through hell trying to get rid of him, he never gave way.  I guess she finally figured out that he wasn't going anywhere.  

So, I guess what's important here is to "allow" yourself to see someone.  I mean after all?  We're all connected!    Ask yourselves?  Have you ever judged someone? Or have you been judged??  Do we really have the right to judge?  And what is judgement?  I would challenge you all to pick 3 things about someone you know and find 3 things about that person that you like or even admire.   A family member, a friend, or even a co-worker.  And then challenge them to do the same.  Pay it forward I guess.  I think you'll find in doing so that you'll see that it raises your vibration!  It makes you feel better!  Let's face it.  We all want to feel joy and love and happiness.  This is one small gesture that we can all do for each other.  Life is short and it just doesn't make sense to be spreading judgement around.  Let's do something else instead!!  As I always say.  If you want the same results, keep doing the same thing.  But if you want something better, something bigger, something brighter!!??? Do something different!!  Try finding what may be hidden inside someone.  You may just make a new friend? Bonus!!  Changing lives one at a time!!  

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think?  Have you judged or been judged?  How did it make you feel?  And how can you look and see someone in a different light?  That's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed this story.  Stop back in again won't you?  

Wishing you all much joy, love, and abundance!!


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