Stir The Soup!

Hi again!!

Thanks for dropping back by!  So today I want to share with you a message about stepping outside your comfort zone.  I understand that this is a scary thought for some of you.  I know it was for me.  But here's the thing!  Once you take that first step, it's actually very exhilarating! I mean it!  Let me share with you all an experience I had at the age of 16.  A little back story.  My family had just moved to a little po-dunk town.  Not that I have anything against small towns.  I actually enjoy them very much now.  But at the time for me personally? Not so much!  I was very shy and timid due to things that I'll share at another time.  But for now, just know that at this time I was somewhat of an introvert.  I had a best friend who now lived about 300 miles away so I didn't see her much.  I did have  2nd cousins who now lived close. But I'd never met them before and we never were very close.  Even after my family moved.  There were other things going on at this time that lead to me feeling very isolated and alone.  

Anyway, back to the point I'm trying to make.  Me... a very timid 16 year old girl living in a very small town.  Did I mention that we moved for L.A.? Yeah... that happened.  On with my story.  My mom decided to send my brother and I to the store for an item that now completely escapes my memory.  My brother is driving as we pull into the parking lot, and it's at this time that he announces that he will wait in the car.  UM...! OK! WHAT?? Full on panic attack hits me!  I'm supposed to do this alone??  Remember.  Shy timid me?  Okay girl... calm down.. it's just the grocery store.  At this point my ears are ringing and my heart is pounding in my chest!!  Now some part of me is thinking this is ridiculous!  So I forge ahead grabbing the first grocery cart I see and begin towards the store.  All I can remember is that the cart I grabbed was very, very, very, loud and had a rattly wheel!  I think the cart is shaking more than I am!  Now keep in mind that we parked very close to the entrance so my journey from point A to point B is only about 50 feet or so.  But in my head, it seemed like HOURS before I reached the entrance!  I felt like EVERYONE was staring at me! Even Glaring because of the terrible noise coming from my cart!  Seems silly right?  Looking back it seems almost absurd that I was so nervous and that this seemed like such a challenge. But it was a challenge!  I was very much inside my head.  Now I'm starting to rethink my choice of attire!  A simple T-shirt and jeans. What if I look completely stupid?   Maybe I shouldn't have worn these platform shoes?? Ah, it was the 70's so there's that.  What if I tripped??  What if my cart got stuck in a pot hole?  Please care! Shut up!  But, finally I make it to the entrance and the rough asphalt gives way to the smooth tiles in the store. That in and of itself is a comfort.  I don't really remember anything after that.  I guess just getting to the entrance was my challenge?  And I conquered it! Because after that day? I pushed a cart like a champ!  Up and down the isles! Perusing items at my leisure with my new found confidence! 

After that day, my world didn't seem so isolated.  I actually started to enjoy my own company.  Remember that feeling of exhilaration I mentioned?  Now I know this may seem like a small victory.  But to me it was huge!  And I did it!! I stepped outside my comfort zone!!  And I conquered my fear!!  It really was exhilarating!! So what have we learned from this?  Never, ever pick a rattly cart!  Just kidding. By stepping outside your comfort zone, you find an unexpected exhilaration!  Really!! Maybe not like jumping out of a plane?  But you get the idea!  Think about it this way.  You've just made a big pot of homemade soup.  But all the yummy goodness has now settled to the bottom.  You really want all that yummy goodness.  So what do you do? You stir the soup!! Stir the soup people!  Otherwise, you just get plain old broth. Stir the soup!!  

I've come leaps and bounds from that day, and my life just keeps getting better and better.  As I said before.  If you want the same results, keep doing the same thing.  But if you want something bigger?  Something better?  Something brighter? Stir the soup.

That's all for now my lovelies! But tune back in again and I'll share with you the story of my now husband James, his Harley Davidson, and the look of death he got from my mother.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you've done to step outside your comfort zone and conquer your fear!

Peace, blessings, and much abundance!



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